19 August 2008

The Kite Runner really touching story, great storyline, great acting, really2 great drama..masa beli cerita nie (my hubby yg nk sgt beli), saya tk aspek pun cerita nie sebagus nie, tgk pun beberapa hari kemudian lepas beli, ade part tuh mmg touching giler..nangis beb!! Citer nie dh lama kuar actually, mybe ramai yg dh tgk..tp kpd yg tk tgk lg aku rekemen kn korang tgk movie nie..sampai skrng aku x leh luper citer nie!!
so here the synopsis:-
The Story adapts from author Khaled Hosseini's critically acclaimed novel about two childhood best friends forever torn apart as their country is ravaged by endless war and bitter strife. As children, Amir (Khalid Abdalla) and Hassan were inseparable; their long days under azure Kabul skies often spent getting into innocent mischief or preparing for the highly anticipated kite-fighting tournament. When the day of the tournament arrives, however, a glorious victory is quickly offset by a timorous act of betrayal that ultimately serves as the catalyst for catastrophe. Not long after that fateful day, Amir moves away to America, leaving his old friend behind just as the ominous specter of war turns tragically tangible. Two decades later, Amir returns to Afghanistan to find his beloved homeland has now fallen under the iron-fisted rule of the Taliban. Still, all hope for redemption hasn't been lost just yet, because now that Amir stands face to face with the irrepressible secrets that he struggled so vigilantly to bury, he will receive one last chance to make peace with the past, and lay the groundwork for a brighter future. ~

Sami Yusuf - Supplication, one of the soundtrack dlm cerita nie part lagu nie kuar mmg sedih..memberi keinsafan yg amat sgt :)


MiLd said...

Yeah nice movie. Filem ni memberi sedikit pembelaan kepada puak Hazara di Afghan... I love the kite playing! They fight with each other to break the string :)

"The Hazaras speak Farsi and are mostly Shi'i Muslims (primarily Twelver Shi'i, some Ismaili Shi'is), yet there are also some Sunni Muslim Hazaras. They settled in Afghanistan at least as far back as the 13th century. Hazaras have always lived on the edge of economic survival. As a result of Pashtun expansionism in the late 18th and early 19th centuries which was fueled by Sunni prejudices against the Shi'i (thus attracting the help of the mostly Sunni Tajiks and Uzbeks) the Hazaras were driven to the barren dry mountains of central Afghanistan (the Hazarajat) where they live today separated into nine regionally distinct enclaves. The Hazaras are primarily sedentary farmers practicing some ancillary herding. Many Hazaras also migrated to the major towns, particularly Kabul where they occupied the lowest economic rungs."

orked said...

wow..mild u have many knowledge about Hazaras hah.. i impress!!

and i agree with u..i also love the fighting kite..remind me too my childhood..even i'm not playing the kite bcoz i'm a gal..yeahh!! but i love watching it :)

shanana said...

hai orked..
'kite runner' is a great movie. pada mula saya tengok cover movie ni saya dah dapat agak its something. best!!

orked said...

hai shanana..

bestkan!! two thumps up!!